My name is Rodel Casio and I'm excited to share good news of building something much bigger than myself and my prior photo imaging businesses.

My expertise goes back to my humble technology and artistic beginnings when I first got my computer in the 5th grade which has developed into minimalistic graphic design, empowered calligraphy, black & white soul portrait photography, and printing, but the news I want to share this that I am one of Oregon’s and Hawaii's upcoming Certified Personal Photo Organizer. The purpose of my a personal photo organizer is to help develop solutions to photo imaging/design challenges that encumber people’s lives. This is where I come into the “picture”, I welcome you to my new imaging empire and your life legacy experience...Emperience Legacy Imaging & Archival Solutions.

Almost overnight negatives and film were replaced with digital cameras and we gained the ability to snap hundreds of photos in an instant. We are taking more photos than ever and the question is, HOW do I organize my 100’s or 1000’s of unscanned printed photos and digital photos scattered between old and new cell phones, multiple tablets, multiple computers, multiple external hard drives, multiple USB drives, CD’s, DVD’s, memory cards and media that no longer exist? (Oh my!)

In addition, the pictures that we do manage to print and all of those printed prior to the digital camera era, are usually still in boxes, bins and bags. My goal is to educate and help you make sense of that huge pile of photos...by doing it for you, with you, or by sharing ideas and techniques you can use to do it on your own. I can accommodate ANY special design, print or project requests.

Today, I invite you to receive a FREE PHOTO INVENTORY ASSESSMENT.

We will take inventory of what photos and memorabilia you have, listen to your photo frustrations & needs, define your goals and discuss how I can assist you.

If you choose to select me as your personal photo organizer, the charges vary depending on the size and scope of the project. I look forward to relieving you of the burden of your photo chaos, and working with you to complete other photo projects and give you peace of mind to enjoy your photos and have fun!

With Love and respect,